Introducing ... an Easier Way to Hank!

Making new friends is a journey. So is making a new website like Hank, as it turns out! 

We’ll start this update off with a hearty thank you to all of our Hank members who have joined us so far—every single one of you has been at the forefront of building this marvelous community. We are so grateful for you, and couldn’t be happier to see all of your friendships that have flourished. 

We’re also incredibly thankful for the feedback you’ve given us: Over the past months, we’ve heard from many of you about how we could make Hank easier to use, so that you can meet more people, find new friends, and make in-person plans. 

That’s why, starting today (February 13, 2023), we’re introducing a new, streamlined version of Hank that’s been redesigned to make it easier than ever for you to make the connections you’re all here for. Over the coming month, we’ll be adding in new tools to facilitate meeting in person—like a simpler way to suggest an activity—while removing those that were getting in the way of making and sharing plans—like group pages. Here are a few specific changes to keep your eyes out for: 

Just like always, Hank is a community for you and by you, so a good rule of thumb is: the more you reach out, the more success you’ll have. As we introduce these changes and work to simplify Hank in the coming weeks, we hope you’ll agree that less is more—except when it comes to friends. 

If there’s anything we can do to help you along the way, or if you’re feeling stuck, just drop us a line at

February 13, 2023

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