Hi, We’re Hank—a digital platform for those who don’t let age define their limits.

Let’s kick things off with some science, shall we? Studies (and, well, life) tell us that the bigger our social circles are, the longer and happier our lives will be. Yet our social connections max out alarmingly early, at the ripe *young* age of 25, and by the time most of us reach fifty, we’ve spent decades putting community second after careers, romance, and family. It’s no wonder one in three older adults report feelings of loneliness and isolation, right? 

Hank was born out of our own experience seeing those close to us navigate building a community after 55.

As our moms and dads sought out new friends and social activities, they were frustrated by the media’s outdated representation of older adult life (hazy backlit strolls in the park, anyone?), overwhelmed by the sheer hours spent searching for things to do, and uncertain how to translate digital connections into real life experiences. We figured the generation that’s successfully survived over 30 versions of the iphone deserved some better tech support. 

Voila Hank, a digital platform that connects adults 55+ with people and activities in their community: from pickleball and ping pong to coffee chats and canasta, we use technology to enable active individuals to find connections online that translate into offline activities and friendships. (While we’re at it, we’re also out to topple some of those age-old stereotypes of what it looks like to be over 55.)

So cheers to those who actually know the lyrics to 80s music: we’re so happy you’re here.

Who we are


Hank is the second company founded by middle school friends Brian Park and Andrew Hong. Between founding ventures, they've worked at places like ClassPass, Zynga, Lumi, and MLB. They still have a raging debate about exactly how they met—Andrew swears it was in drum class, Brian's not so sure.


We're a team of experienced operators who have spent decades building brands and products that have been used by millions of people all around the world (think: GrubHub, Jenny Craig, Starbucks, WeWork, and Bark, among others). We value humility, curiosity, and—you guessed it—connection.


There is no Hank without our members! We're delighted to support thousands of Hank members—and hundreds of member-led groups—in discovering new interests, widening their community, and making the most of their home cities.

But enough about us! Interested in what we're up to?

We're always on the lookout for friends and teammates—we'd love to hear from you.