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Make plans you love. Find new friends. Earn rewards.

Hank is where adults 55+ find their people—and Hank Hosts are the ones who make it all happen.

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Being a Hank Host means bringing other members together, and expanding your own social circle along the way.

Maybe you want to explore a new interest, or have a great idea for an activity. Maybe you just want to share a cup of coffee with some new friends. Whatever your hankering, hosting with Hank is a breeze.

Thousands of friendships, made possible by Hank Hosts

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All the reasons to host, with the most.

Build your own community, around your own interests

Plan activities around your passions—then invite others to join you! 

Hosting doesn't mean you have to be an expert—all you need are interests and activities you'd like to share with others.

Be recognized for your contribution with a “Host” badge on your profile.

Explore new passions and places to go, and make some new friends along the way.

Build your own community within Hank, and help fellow members connect.

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Get rewarded—with friends and perks.

Earn your way to a free Hank membership.

Get exclusive Hank merchandise.

Become eligible for exclusive Hank events.

Participate in special host-only promotions.

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Friendship is a two-way street.

Here’s how Hank helps our hosts

We’re handy with activity ideas and posting.

Spreading the word with other members—we’re great at that.

Connecting you with other Hank hosts, so you can share ideas and co-host activities.

Access to special host tools, to help you connect and build your following.

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Meet some of our hosts

(and hear what they say about Hank!)

A headshot of a Hank host

Caroline C

Hank Host in New York, NY
Caroline has become “queen of the Hank UWS coffee chats”. She hosts the Le Pain Quotidien group most Tuesdays, and the conversation is always percolating.

Caroline originally joined Hank to play pickleball and find a few friends to take a walk with or go to a concert. But, she found out that hosting an activity that’s become a weekly get-together that members love has been the most rewarding.
A headshot of a Hank host

Susie F

Hank Host in Los Angeles, CA
Susie was one of the first members to join Hank in Los Angeles. Her curiosity and love of everything LA has to offer led to her hosting wine tasting, private art house tours, and lawn tennis. From just sharing a cup of coffee to creating something a little off the beaten path, hosting has made sharing the best of her city with others a real gift.
A headshot of a Hank host

Deborah S

Hank Host in Bergen County, NJ
Pancakes, Crepes and Waffles Day, Trivia Nites, Monthly Luncheons, and more. Deborah has found “the secret sauce” when it comes to finding simple, fun activities that Hank members are clamoring for. And when she posts an activity, they will come.

Deborah is also a great example of a host that is happy to work with other members to help ensure their activities are always successful.

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