Hank Partner Spotlight: Chapter Medicare

You’ve probably noticed that the Hank Community spends a lot of time thinking (and talking over coffee!) about the impacts of social isolation on our health and longevity. It’s no wonder—anyone who’s read the Surgeon General’s 2023 report on social isolation knows that loneliness increases our risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, dementia, anxiety, depression, and a host of other health issues. 

But there’s another critical piece of the healthy aging puzzle that we haven’t paid as much Hank lip service to: that’s making sure that we have the right health care as we get older. (We love our friends, but we’d rather not have to call Frank and Susan when we need advice about our blood pressure.) While that may seem easy on paper, navigating our changing health needs as we age can be complicated by the mandated shift into the Medicare system at age 65—a shift that often brings with it increased and unnecessary costs, not to mention stress and confusion. 

That’s why we’re so excited to introduce Hank members to Chapter, a resource for adults nearing (or over) 65. Chapter is dedicated to making Medicare easy, by giving you more clarity on plan options and costs, flagging key enrollment deadlines, and helping you navigate what can feel like overwhelming paperwork. Whether you’re a new or returning Medicare enrollee, Chapter’s advisors can help make sure you’re choosing the right plan for your health and your budget. 

To get a glimpse of how you can make Medicare work best for you, we hope you’ll join us for the Medicare Made Simple webinar on July 19th, led by Chapter’s Lead Advisor Ari Parker, the country’s most established Medicare expert. Hop in to learn more about the three parts of Medicare, tips on choosing the best plan for you, and how Chapter can help you make Medicare easy.

June 27, 2023

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