Hank Partner Spotlight: Untapped Cities NYC

One thing all of our Hank members share is curiosity—about new people, places, and things to do. And, there's arguably no place where curiosity pays off more than in New York City. That's why we're really excited to introduce all of you NYC (and NYC-adjacent) Hank members to Untapped Cities, a local NYC tour company that's been behind the scenes of some of our members' most favorite activities.

No one has helped us discover more hidden gems, access off-limit places, and uncover more untold secrets better than Untapped Cities Tours. Over countless activities and friendships made, Untapped Cities has become a trusted guide for Hank members looking for things to do, and people to do them with. Does anyone remember their Greenwich Village Coffee Tour, or the Worlds Fair Tour late last year? We have Untapped Cities to thank for those two favorites.

If you're looking for activity ideas, Untapped Cities has just added a new tour that seems tailor-made for all of us to enjoy—The Secrets of Rockefeller Center. Along with meeting a few new folks, you can: 

There are a number of tour dates in April, May, and June. Why not choose one and post it as a Hank activity? You’ll have a wonderful day and make some new Hank friends along the way.

April 27, 2023

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